Secure Online Document Exchange

Documents containing sensitive data are sent continuously between internal business processes, and external parties, such as vendors, partners and clients, and regulatory agencies. Without proper security sharing these documents via email, or any other channel could lead to data leaks and costly legal actions, and even lost opportunities for business. Secure online document exchange is vital to safeguard your company’s confidential information.

Secure file transfers protect data in transit as well as at rest. This is accomplished by encryption of the files prior to sending them, so that only authorized recipients are able decode it. Additionally, some solutions let you create passwords for your files, so only those with the correct password can access them.

This can prevent unauthorised access and ensure compliance with regulations such as PCI and HIPAA. Secure document exchange software ensures transparency and accountability, by tracking every file from upload to download, through a tamperproof audit trail.

With the appropriate tools, it is easy to create an encrypted document portal for your customers to upload and receive documents. Customers can upload documents to a portal on the internet or directly through an enterprise-branded Through MFT tool. In either scenario, the organization can securely deliver and track the documents to meet compliance requirements.

A client portal lets you to centralize and standardize your files, so they are accessible from tablets, desktops and mobile devices. It is also easy to request documents. You can also automate your workflow by using templates which request a set of documents from multiple clients at the same time which can save your time. Many solutions also offer eSignature integration as well as core workflow software integrations that enable more seamless collaboration across your business.

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